June 22, 2016

Welcome to House of Vaughan!

by Heather Vaughan

Hello designers, design enthusiasts, and lovers of all things bright and beautiful; welcome to House of Vaughan.

I’m a crazy busy interior designer, fortunate to have my own firm and design team. Here at Heather Vaughan Design, we are often told we have an unreasonable, bordering on illegal amount of fun, while creating beautiful, bespoke spaces for discerning clients just outside Boston.

Obviously I love design; it’s not just my business, it’s my passion. Forecasting trends and sourcing new innovative products keeps me fresh and on top of my design game. In my free time (joke, right) I go to trade shows, furniture markets, and generally prowl around the world’s design centers looking for what is new, now, and next in interior design.

‘”Gurllll, don’t you have enough to do without starting a blog?” one may reasonably ask. There are just too many fabulous products, resources, and ideas out there for one person or one firm; we’ve got to spread the design love! The Heather Vaughan Design team will share our experiences, inspirations, resources, and sometimes funny design stories — like the time I got my skirt stuck in the escalator at Bloomingdale’s … yup … that happened.

So, if you’re looking for design inspiration or just wicked stressed out and want to look at pretty pictures to escape, come hang out at House of Vaughan. By the way … cocktails will be served, #HVDaydrinking. Hopefully inspiring, sometimes cheeky, definitely unedited, but always serving good design.

Disclaimer: We share mostly design … and sometimes pics of my dogs or us drinking. Welcome home!

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April 28, 2016

Luxe Lucite

by Heather Vaughan

I have a long standing love affair with Lucite, from vintage to new. Lucite is a chameleon material; it can be the epitome of clean and contemporary, or add lightness and luxe to traditional spaces.

Lucite chairs and footstool

Developed in the 1930’s, acrylic plastic was used during World War II for aircraft windshields, submarine periscopes and the like. Shortly after the war, DuPont licensed its clear acrylic plastic, branded as Lucite, to multiple jewelry manufacturers. From that, the midcentury modern interior designers and architects latched on to it as the material is hard, strong, lightweight, water resistant, can be carved, polished and dyed in wide range of colors. A material that offers such a wide range of custom capabilities is every designer’s dream! By the 1960’s, Midcentury Modern design icons Carl Springer, Vladimir Kagan, and Gaetano Sciolari embraced the use of Lucite. They found the material flexible, durable and chic, using it in many of their lighting and furniture designs. In 2002, Lucite experienced a renaissance with the introduction of the “Louis Ghost” chair by Philippe Stark. This chair has been so popular it has become a modern day classic, introducing Lucite to a generation of Baby Boomers.


For the purist, vintage Lucite pieces can be easily found on First Dibs at a wide range of price points, from affordable to collector’s level. Today, many custom furniture manufacturers such as Century Furniture offer a Lucite leg option on many of their upholstered pieces. Perhaps some of these newly created Lucite gems will become the classics of tomorrow.


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